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Dancer Wellness



The Cross Pointe Dance Weekend Dance Experience


We believe that dance is best as a performing art, not a competition art. There’s an indescribable joy that comes when movement and music blend together in a complete performance.

We provide exceptional experiences where dancers can learn from top level instructors, We want dancers to learn to have the technical skills while dancing from the heart.  After all, that is what makes an audience connect to the performance.  It elevates them from just being someone who dances, to being a dancing performing artist.


We want dancers to leave the week end, feeling they have learned about dance as an art form as well as elevating their own self confidence and belief in themselves as dancers.   


What Teachers and Students are Saying


My students and I attended Cross Pointe Dance's Folsom event in September 2014.  It was an amazing experience for all who attended. Every teacher was willing to share their professional experiences and advise in such an honest way.  I have never been to a conference where teachers were so generous with their time. 


Every class was wonderful and my students got so much more than choreography.  The Cross Pointe teachers took time to correct and praise each dancer. Technique and performance skills were emphasized as well as comittment to their art form.  My students came back with a renewed dedication to dance.  What more could a studio owner ask for!


Dana Stackpole and Dawn Smith-Theodore have put together the kind of dance experience I have been longing for.  It's a non-competive, yet highly motivational event that emphasizes dance as an art form.  The dancers were treated like artists not a number.  I can't wait to return with more of my students and staff.


-Beth Zobian

The Dancing School

Selma, CA

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