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The Cross Pointe Dance Weekend Dance Experience


We believe that dance is best as a performing art, not a competition art. There’s a indescribable joy that comes when movement and music blend together in a complete performance.


Ask any top level dancer, and they’ll easily remember the thrill of their first time on a real stage, in a real theatre, with costumes, lights, and audience. It’s magical. It’s an experience every dancer deserves.


Dance is best when an entire cast is unified towards the goal of thrilling an audience.  When the game becomes dancer versus dancer, when the emphasis becomes technical tricks instead of moving an audience, dance becomes less than an art.


We provide exceptional experiences where dancers can learn from top-level instructors, become a part of a wonderful cast, and perform in some of the best theaters in the world. It elevates them from just being someone who dances, to being a dancing performing artist.



Ft Worth, TX  - G Force Dance Legacy - Aug, 2018

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